A Look at This Remarkable Fencing Style and What It Can Do for You

Are you struggling to find the ideal type of fencing for your outdoor space? Going to your general big shed home hardware shops can be a true hassle when there are so many options to choose from. Do you go with a close boarded fence for strength, standard panel fence for ease of installation or do you go with a decorative panel type for aesthetics? Actually, there is a much better alternative that combines and ease of installation with style and beauty. A composite fence system is the way to go if you want to check all your need boxes.

What is It?
Composite fencing is a relatively new concept in the fencing industry. It has been a part of the fencing and decking industries since the 1990s and its popularity has grown substantially with each passing year. Generally, composites are a combination of wood fibres, high density polyethylene (HDPE), and Chemical additives that are recycled from other waste materials. Commonly, this type of fencing is simply abbreviated to WPC. By compressing these materials together, the final piece maintains a lot of the positives of multiple fencing styles without any of the drawbacks.

Fencing takes on a lot of damage throughout its life. Fences are exposed to the elements and in the case of wood fencing, can be damaged by rot, mildew, mould, insects, and general wear and tear from nature. WPC is built to be strong and stand up to the rigors of being out in the elements. The materials used are naturally resistant to mould and mildew. Additionally, insects are not attracted to the materials in WPC, so your fence can last for many years to come while maintaining its remarkable beauty.

Easy to Install
Installing WPC fencing required no additional skills from traditional timber fence construction. Kits are sold with easy install instructions and posts used with WPC fencing are actually be far lighter than timber posts. WPC planks can be easily cut if needed for shorter runs and they then simply slide into the aluminium fence posts, no need to mechanically fix each plank.

Easy to Maintain
Maintaining your timber fencing can be a true chore. Wood requires staining and maintenance every few years to keep up its appearance. It also requires that planks, panels or posts get changed out from time to time when they fail due to weather and rot. Plastic fencing solutions are not always much better as they can become brittle and easy to damage plus are very susceptible to fading.

WPC is a breath of fresh air in the fencing world. It requires very little maintenance. Furthermore, due to the materials used in its construction, the fencing comes in a range of colours to choose from, so there is no need to stain the fencing, just to get the right hue as is the case with wood. The boards are impact resistant and so can withstand balls bouncing off them during garden play which can’t be said for budget panel fence panels. What’s more, composite fencing is made to be flame retardant, so should a fire break out, your fence will not spread the flames to other parts of your outdoor space or to your neighbour’s home.

Initial Costs
Cost is the first thing customers often see when it comes to composite fencing systems. Initially, composite fencing costs more most standard types of timber fences, but unlike these other choices that break down over time, composite materials last for a lifetime. Remember, you will not have to invest in additional planks due to wear and composites maintain their beauty without the use of additional stains and other maintenance. Essentially, you pay for this fence once and forget about it, so the initial cost will definitely pay for itself over time.

Bison Fencing System
If you are looking for the ideal WPC, Bison Fencing System is here for you. Bison fence planks are comprised of 60% recycled material, 30% recycled HPPE, and 10% additional additives. Our system truly is an environmentally friendly building materials, so you can feel good about installing Bison in your garden.

With the Bison Composite Fencing System, you achieve the ultimately beautiful fence with minimal expertise. We provide aluminium posts and rails for ultimate strength and longevity to the fence. When the planks are installed, you have a completely private and beautiful fence that will far outlast any wood fence or PVC alternative on the UK market.

Let us prove to you that the Bison Fencing System is the way to go for your next fencing project. Protect your home and get the privacy you need with our adaptable and strong fence system today. You may have tried others, but until you have tried Bison, you have not had the top quality fence you deserve.

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Bison Exploded Fencing Diagram